Black Power Composite

Black Power Composite

Black Power Composite

Finally INSTRIKE introduces the follow up model of the bestseller GreenPower and it’s been worth the wait!!!

We didn’t change the desing only. We pulled out a lot of new technologies from our magic bag.

We are happy to introduce a lightweight stick that weights 440 grams only but by using X-Woven Carbon Fabric the stick has a better durability of 30% compared with the GreenPower. And the durability of this stick was incredible, already. The X-Woven Carbon Fabric combined with the Multi-Layer-Technology, several High Tech foil lines protect the stick from breakage by impacts of sticks, skates or shots. These absorbing foils are being from hosel to handle.

By these two technolgies the stick delivers an amazing balance.

And again is INSTRIKE shoulder to shoulder with the customer. All senior sticks are 63″ long, so they are 3″ longer than most of the sticks on the market. Actually the 75 flex stick.

– for the sniper of the players who is looking for a fast puck release and a deadly precision

– Mid Kick

– X-Woven Carbon Fabric
* the single fabrics are woven crosswise
* higher durability
* improved energy transfer und more powerful shots

– Multi-Layer-Technology
* several High-tech-Foils are used from hosel to the handle
* better absorption of impacts by shots, sticks, skates
– 30% more durability

– traditional shaft geometry
* square corners
* concave walls

– Grip coating

– Reactive Hosel Design
* Wider base hosel helps to prevent rotational torquing of the blade
* Keeping your shots and passes flying straighter for longer
* faster puck release

– 440 grams

– 63″ (3″ longer than most of the sticks in the market)
– 160 cm (approx. 9cm longer than standard sticks)

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